desktop with dead fly and possible object
tile, grout, dead fly, silicone, plastilina modeling clay

he who sulks in his own freedom
sand, silicone, tile, dust, dirt, spiders, clay, prosthetic eyeballs

from top to bottom
tile, new balance shoes, braid, pennies, grout

hand searching in the clueless night
silicone, aluminum

the world is a perfect circle
tile, wood, enamel paint, silicone hand, tennis ball, ratchet strap, studio scraps

the sunset through the window view
oil paint, foam, hot glue

what's left when there's nothing left
silicone, cheeto dust, plastalina modeling clay

we find the invisible hand at work
oil paint, plaster, foam

i am a mystery - more so than a tree or a sunset or a even a flash of lightning
oil paint, plaster, foam

i am a mystery - more so than god or the global economy
oil paint, plaster, foam, paper, push pin

oil paint, foam, hair

a rainbow in the dark
acrylic paint, plastalina modeling clay, canvas

burlap, enamel paint, clay, marker

foam, plastalina modeling clay, paint, gum, pegboard

toyota camry
pencil, cardboard

oil paint, canvas

acrylic paint, newsprint paper

based in Baltimore, MD
b. February 25, 1994
#. 2406725290

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